The Beginning of Something New.

Before you even proceed to read any further I just felt it was necessary to be up front with you all, this is for myself. I’ve decided this “blog” is wholly for my own personal reasons and I do believe this will be a rather exquisite way for me to learn and grow as a writer.

I must clarify that my posts will be scattered and not in the slightest way organised as I am currently studying for my GCSE’s, consequently my time is dedicated to school at the moment. I wish to study English in 6th form and progressively grow and go to university to study it further and get a degree. Studying English literature is the plan but my teachers are trying to direct me into the English language route as they want me to take the route of journalism. Personally, I would much rather stay in the realm of teaching (preferably a professor at a university) however I would certainly be up to trying journalism out.

Moreover, I would greatly appreciate input from more experienced writers and just feedback in general. Anything from creative writing to language techniques. Please feel free to drop a comment!